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Anderson Media Production provides customer service and support throughout the country, not just in the Rosedale/Baltimore area.  Email us today to find out exactly how, when and where we can be of service to you and your business!


We cover all aspects of your project, including pre/post production, videoing, editing, sound engineering. You can get our assistance in all areas, or we can help out with just one aspect, such as editing or capturing.


Need overhead shots for advertising, surveying, or just a great new view?  Let us know.  We actively hold a part 107 commercial drone license.  We have the capability to capture the best angles in 4k.


AMP is capable of handling all of your digital marketing needs. We help customers develop a more dominant digital presence, with proven results. Not only can we assist you with getting established, we can also maintain your online presence, to make sure you're getting the best possible exposure that will optimize traffic to your site.


We transfer numerous analog media to digital formats including:
• Video Tapes – VHS, VHS-C, VHS-PAL, S-VHS, Digital 8, Hi-8, and 8mm tapes, Mini DV, Betacam, Betamax, and U-Matic ¾”
• Home Movies – 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8 Films to DVD
• Vinyl Records – LPs, EPs & Singles
(78’s, 45’s and 33’s)
• Audio Tape – Cassette and Reel-to-Reel Audio
• Photographs – Photos, Slides, Negatives and Keychain Photo Viewers

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